Best Oil for Bread Making: Top Choices

I will totally admit right from the start that, in my case, the best oil for bread making is olive oil.

However, I don’t use it always. For you, vegetable oil might be better, especially for your budget. Other recipes will require margarine or butter. For example, the classic sandwich bread is made with butter. But you can replace the butter with margarine, too.

Olive oil is certainly awesome for some breads but artisan breads are just made with the 4 classic ingredients: flour, water, yeast, salt.

The obvious fast is that for a large majority of recipes we absolutely don’t need to use the best oil for bread making. We can just make them with the classic 4 ingredients. Fermentation, proofinggood yeast, good flour, the right bakeware, and baking temperatures are much more important than finding the best oil for bread.

"Zoee & bread"

"Zoe Organic Olive Oil"

Is it worth it searching for the best olive oil for bread? It certainly is, especially for a recipe like focaccia. Moreover, olive oil is absolutely phenomenal if you want to make a delicious bread dipping oil.

Maybe later on in this article I’ll also get the chance to introduce you to a bread dipping oil recipe. Those kind of bread dipping oil recipes are easy to make and, for lovers of bread, they’re better than the main course.

The same olive oil will also be used for cooking or for salad dressings. Once you get the taste of it, you can’t let go. It’s that good.

Best Oil for Bread: My Top 4 Picks

1. Robust Flavor: Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil

An excellent Spanish olive oil that’s perfect for dipping and for those who prefer a more robust flavor, it’s delicious and the price is not too bad, at all.

2. Best for Cooking: Pompeian Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The quantity and the price are two attractive features for this extra virgin olive oil for bread making, cooking, dipping, and salad dressings, it works for everything you want.

3. Expensive and Light Flavor: Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin

If you’re in the mood for fantastic light flavor, a very high price, and the absolute best quality, this one is a winner, an Italian olive oil meant to be savored.

4. Vegetable Oil for Bread Making: Amazon Brand Vegetable Oil

As the best oil for bread making, you can basically pick any vegetable oil that you find in a supermarket. They’re all standard and very good. I just chose this one as an example but you can buy whatever you find and whichever has the best price. The main thing I like about this is the 1 gal (3.79 L) quantity, it will last a long time.

Top 3 Best Olive Oils for Bread Making

I just selected 3 best olive oils for bread and they’re all fantastic in flavor, none is too strong or overpowering, each can be bought as the best oil for bread making.

The first two are more robust in taste but the last one takes the crown when it comes to one of the most delicious olive oils that you will ever taste but it’s also incredibly expensive.

Obviously, the last one is not at all for cooking, just for dressings and just simply eating it by dipping fresh-made bread into it. It’s that delicious.

If you want to combine cooking with using it for dressings, a large quantity to last a while with an affordable price, choose the second option as a best olive oil for bread.

1. Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made in Spain and it was declared the best choice by the NY Times. It will be a perfect choice as the best oil for bread making.

It has quite a robust aroma so it’s definitely not for those who want something light.

But it’s pretty cheap and of good quality.

So, it has two strong attributes and a strong aroma.

And the tin is incredibly beautiful. It makes an impact on me.

It seems to be an excellent first choice as the best olive oil for bread.