Let Food be thy Medicine Canned tuna oil full of vitamins

A recent Wall Street journalist exposed the benefits of certain vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system and common influenza

Canned tuna oil was recommended as an excellent natura source of selenium zinc and vitamin d and the canned tuna contains olive oil as Zoe does you add vitamin c a and b

“Let Food be thy Medicine. Canned tuna contains flu-fighting vitamins.”

So whenever you enjoy Zoe yellow fin tuna in olive oil you are also supplying your body with six key ingredients recommended to ward off infectious disease like the flu. We can’t think of a more detectable way to take your vitamins

Ventresca tuna is considered the foie gras of tuna. It’s the silky smooth belly of the tuna known in sushi bars as toro. These buttery, incredibly light strips are the most sensual bits of tuna you’ll ever take out of a can