Zoe Diva Select Bomba Rice



Zoe Diva Select Bomba rice is the finest cooking rice available on the market. This heirloom short grain rice almost became extinct due to the care required in cultivation and its long maturation time but was saved in the 1980s thanks to a demand created by gourmet chefs around the world.


Zoe Diva Select Bomba Rice is cultivated using the fresh mountain water near the celebrated Denominación de Origen of Calasparra in Murcia, Spain. The rice expands widthwise rather than lengthwise, allowing the rice to absorb three times its volume in broth, rather than the normal two. Bomba rice also remains very firm-grained during cooking, making it perfect for use in paella and many other rice dishes.


Each bag of our Zoe Diva Select Bomba rice is individually numbered by the producer, adding traceability and ensuring that the consumer recieves only the highest quality grains with every purchase.


Available in 10x17.5 oz bags.


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