Zoe Organic Olive Oil for Kids

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Zoe for Kids Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is at the forefront of the burgeoning children's health food market. Specially formulated for children, our fresh, sweet and fruity extra virgin oil aims to help kids along the path of lifelong heart-healthy eating habits. First cold pressed using meticulously hand selected organic Hojiblanca and Arbequina olives from the legendary Spanish Andalusian groves, Zoe for Kids leaves a buttery aftertaste that dances on your palate and especially sings to children's taste buds. With eye-catching packaging and a BPA-free tin lining, this new member of the award winning Zoe Brand product line is set to revolutionize the world of children's food products.


Available in 12 × 375 mL tins.


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